Started Labs

We do not currently have any started labs available.  We plan to have a started female by the end of the year.

Our Started Labs will be be able to retrieve consistently. They will have been trained with  live ducks over gunfire, obedient to whistle commands, started on hand signals, kennel trained, and heavily socialized.  They will be up to date on all shots, and will come with the same guarantees and care as our puppies. 


Our started labs are typically 1-2 years of age.

Prices start $2,000.00

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Historyland Labs  currently offers prices that are below market value.  While we plan to always undercut the competition, these temporary basement bargains are in an effort to develop a strong customer base.  Our labs sell themselves, but at these prices we have discovered fantastic repeat purchases as well as super-positive word of mouth advertising.  For our loyal customers we are grateful for you and we will continue to offer quality over cost.   

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